A good friend of ours, Kim Kozinski, organizes a golf outing to raise money for Alzheimer's. Her mom was diagnosed with this a few years ago and this will be the second year of the CARE golf outing. Last year, I was very pregnant with Winston and was not able to golf. I helped out with the set-up, auction items, etc. This year, I was excited to participate in the golfing. Now there was virtually no way in the world we could ever win (hello, I was on the team), but I was excited to be out for the day none-the-less. The outing was held at Songbird in Sussex, which is a shorter course, but still fun. Our foursome was Jeff, Joe K (the Commodore), Dom, and myself. We did ok for us, I think we tied placed 15th or 16th out of 30, so I was happy we were not last. Although, we would have won a prize if we were in last place. All went well, I hit really well off the tee, and actually chipped a few on the green. Second shot, not so much, but that is nothing out of the ordinary for me. The highlight (not really a highlight, but now is laughable), was when I got hit with a ball from someones drive. This really hurts like hell, let me tell you. I still have a huge black/purple bruise on my upper thigh. It's getting better, but really sucks. After golf, they had a lunch for the golfers, brats and chicken, etc. There was a silent auction to help raise money for CARE. We didn't bid on anything this year, but it wouldn't really have mattered because Neal aka Ninski Brothers co-owner bought EVERYTHING!! We ended up at 1 under and the winner was something like 15 under!! There was also a par 3 hole, where someone had the chance to win a cruise on Royal Caribbean or round trip tickets on JetBlue. It cost 10 bucks for the chance. Of course, we had to attempt that! I mean, what if, for some crazy reason, I actually hit the hole in one, or was the closest to the pin...and I didn't participate?? So I paid the $10 and hit well over the green and smacked into the fence. At least I got it over the huge water that was directly in front of me!!

Later that day, we headed out for a good friend of ours, Matt Alles. wedding. I will be posting some of the pictures and some video. Boy, this should be good!!! It was a great time, and great wedding. Perhaps the last of an era...


Bay Beach

Friday morning, the kids and I headed up the Green Bay for a visit to Bay Beach. with Terri and Ben and the kids. If you're not familiar with Bay Beach, it is a park in Green Bay, that has lots of rides for kids for about 25 cents a piece. It is great! I bought $10 in tickets, and ended up giving some to the Nysse's. Oh, I forgot about the $2 pony ride for Mads. We packed a lunch, so I pretty much paid for gas and a few dollars worth in rides. It was a lot of fun! Maddy had fun with Will and Addy, while Winn pretty much held his own in the stroller. He did go on the carousel a few times, he thought that was pretty fun. Maddy's favorite was the motor boats, probably because she could reach the water from the boat. They both slept on the way home, hooray! It was a fun Friday! Now we'll be getting ready for the busy weekend of golf and weddings!! I will post some pics when I get them!!


So many fests...

I was going a little stir crazy at home, so I called up my dad and we took the kids to Irish Fest. I was originally planning on returning to the Zoo, but really, how many times can one go to the zoo in a given week? I know that Tracy trumped me there with her 3rd visit. Granted it was Zoo Ala Cart, but still. I was there thursday and friday. I now have leftover tickets for food but what can you do?
So we went downtown to Irish Fest for a few hours. We had a really good time! It was ungodly hot, but ok in the shade. Maddy had fun dancing the Irish jig (I used to be able to do that in my day (that would actually be 2nd grade with Ms. Haberski the nun.)) We had some Irish stew and fish and chips and a few delicious Irish beers to top it off. And of course some ice cream! The kids had fun, I think just getting out of the house was nice. Jeff is on his way home, and is off tomorrow. We'll have to find something fun to do. I have my list of to do's: none of them fun for the kids, haircut, oil change, get bowling balls and grocery shopping...and no zoo!

Slip sliding away

We take the kids to the park and slides ALL THE TIME. If I had a bigger yard, I would be putting up one of those Rainbow play sets. But for now, I am content with living so close to about 4 playgrounds. We usually stick with Enderis Park, which I love. It has swings, a bunch of slides, and a cute little wading pool (and a bathroom which we frequently visit now). The other choices are Roosevelt, which is an elementary school a few blocks away, or St Pius, which is one block farther. There are, of course, the super and super-duper slides, which are accessible via the car, but those are for special occasions.... St. Pius has a cool rock climbing wall and a tunnel slide that we started putting Winn down. He is so funny on the slide. He screeches and giggles all the way down, and apparently has no fear. Maddy was always a little timid with the slides until she got used to them. She is now used to them and loves them as much as Winn does. Here are a few clips of Winn & Maddy in the tunnel!


Hooray for blogger

So, I am not as technologically incompetent as previously posted. I figured it out with the help of some "help groups." I finally have my template that I like, and I can customize if and when I'd like to! Yippy skippy! Now I just have to figure out how to stretch out my picture a bit.
I am sitting here watching the Packer preseason game AND the Brewer game and both are quite disappointing. Jeff is finishing his second to last night away at golf! This has really been a LONG weekend! I am glad that Jeff is usually around more often. I feel for the wives who have husbands that travel A LOT. It seems that the kids are testing me a bit more when I have them for extended periods of time by myself. I always feel silly for saying that, its not like I can't handle it, but its always so much easier (and calmer) when there is reinforcement. Jeff goes on this golf outing each August, this year from thursday night until sunday night. He reminds me that before we got married, he mentioned to me that he will always go on this golf outing. I don't care that he goes to this at all, I am just saying that its hard with the kiddos. Time for me to start planning the girls weekend. Just kidding, no I am not. We talked tonight, and he said its going well, I am glad that they had nice weather for it at least! I am looking forward to normalcy again!! Whatever that is...

Technologically incompetent, I didn't think I was, but apparently I am...

I have been going crazy with this blog. I have been trying to change the template/format to get something more exciting! If anyone of my fellow bloggers out there have tried to upload new templates, let me tell you, it is a pain in the you know what. Somehow, I reverted my blog to the "old" blogger style and cannot return to the new one. That is what I get for trying to be technical! And, I think I now have viruses on my computer. I will blame it on Blogger...just kidding! So, please bear with me as I attempt to get a new style. This current one is stuck in there, I don't really care for it too much, but it will have to suffice until I can figure out what the h e double hockey sticks is going on. Enough said.....


Grill out

I see that my posts are out of order! I have had no time to post anything. Like Jenny, I have too many pictures taken at too many events. I am now having time to load them on the computer. Anyways, Friday evening, we went over to the Ignatowski's to grill out and have the kids play together, and adults too! See below pictures. Maddy and Taylor were so cute together. They are 3 months apart, I hope they become friends like their parents! They were really cute towards the end of the night. Giggling in the Dora tent and giggling getting their jammies on. All kids went to bed great, then it was time for the adults to play. So we decided on the Wii. Jeff and I have played before, and I distinctly remember being a little sore the next day, I think from the boxing! We did some bowling, tennis, baseball. Then we moved to the WiiFit game, which is a series of fitness exercises (yoga, strength training, aerobics, etc). Jeff doing yoga poses was pretty darn funny! He did achieve yoga trainer, as I myself, was yoga master. This title, as you will read further on, did not bode me well. I must have done something wrong, because I woke up the next day and could not move. I woke up at 4am, and I literally could not move my neck or back in any direction. I was feeling very nervous about this. Now I have obviously experienced muscle soreness from lifting weights and running,etc. but NEVER like this. I was concerned that I really hurt something. After the kids had breakfast, I was still not able to move well. I could walk, but I couldn't rotate my body at all. Jeff took me to Froedert and after some drugs, I was feeling better. I strained my trapezius muscle, which is the large triangular shaped muscle in your upper back. I was instructed to take lots of ibuprofen and muscle relaxers, as appropriate and percocet if needed. That day, I felt really bad, but after a good day of rest I feel that I am back to normal. I feel so silly! The MD's at Froedert said they have been waiting for the Wii related injury. Mine did not qualify, as I didn't dislocate my shoulder or anything like that. Of well, got to keep things exciting here.

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A Day at the Fair

Saturday we spent the morning at the fair. Maddy had a good time, she loved all the animals, but kept looking for the rides. She must think that every "festival" will have rides. Little did she know, that we skipped over the Midway section of the fair, and focused more on the animals and food part. She did get to pet one of the cows, and she was quite excited. We went to the fair straight from breakfast, so we weren't particularly hungry, but how can anyone pass up the ice cream sundae booth, or the milk booth, or the baked potatoes, or the..... Maddy and I split a strawberry sundae, I stole most of it (shame on me). Jeff and I both took a turn taking Maddy down the "giant" slide, she could have went down all day, but that was enough for Jeff and I! I was hoping to make it down to the fair with the adults, but that is not to be this year! At least we got to go, and Maddy and Winn enjoyed themselves, I think.




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