Get Your Booty in Gear

I am now in training for a few events this summer. I have decided to sign up for another triathalon...guess where...VEGAS BABY!!! Holly, Michelle, and I (the same clan that did the Naperville tri last summer) will be heading out to Sin City for the Iron Girl Triathlon Series. It is a sprint distance, 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. Really not too bad, it seems much easier now that I have actually completed one. My goal is to beat my time from last year 1:44 (eeekk, not good, but my goal at that point was to just finish). I have to start my search for renting a bike, and getting a wet suit for the swim. I am very excited to have something penciled in for late spring. Next, will be the half marathon in Madison, 2 weeks later. I plan to just train for the half marathon, and fit in my triathalon training on my rest/cross train days. Also, did I mention it is in VEGAS...hello blackjack & poker, mama needs a new pair of shoes...double down...all in!!!


My son & the underwear models

Is this picture a good or bad thing??? Winn got into the mail and was perusing through the Victoria's Secret catalog. Seriously??? Seriously. This kid is too funny, the look on his face. GOTCHAS (unsure of the Polish spelling for underwear)he was saying over and over again...