It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I was wondering when we would finally get our snow. Well, ask and you shall receive. Every last 12 inches or more of it. Like my neighbor said today, if its going to snow...bring it on. None of this 2 or 3 inches. Let's take the whole 2 feet and go to town. The kids were crazy this morning already. Winn standing on 2 boxes to see out the window. Maddy asking if Dad got the sleds out from the top of the garage. Me wondering how long it would take to get them ready...answer, pretty long. Maddy is proud that she can get her snow pants and coat and boots on by herself. Winn wanting to "do it myself" and never quite accomplishing it. He now says that he is "fustrated" when he is actually frustrated, go figure. So we spent the day shoveling and making snowmen and snow angles, and had lots of fun. Hopefully we can bring on the sleds tomorrow. Hip hip hooray for snow days!!!!