Dance Dance Dance

The kids have now been letting me take their pictures together. This is an amazing feat. Most of my pictures of the kids are a big blur...Winston tries to eat the camera, Maddy is insisting on taking the picture, amongst other things. Winn has figured out how to climb into Maddy's bed, and I figured out that I can just remove the stool and that solves the problem (smarty pants). They love to hang out and play in the bed. I am not sure what the fascination is about, but it's pretty funny. I have to have my eyes on them at all times...monkey see monkey do.

For the past 3 months or so, Maddy has wanted to take a dance class (like cousin Liesl). I had to wait until she turned 3, and was potty trained. Check the second one, but waiting was all we could do. I found a ballet and tap class through the New Berlin park and rec dept. It is for 45 minutes on saturday mornings. Maddy was most excited I have even seen her. For the entire week, she had to wear her leotard, tights and skirt all around the house. So last saturday was the big day. We got there, put her ballet shoes on and ready to go. Or so I thought! Mads took a little while to "get used to" being in a class. She didn't appear nervous, just not sure what she should be doing! Dancing I told her!! She finally warmed up, and was soon twirling away, doing something that resembled an arabesque? It was too cute. She loved it and can't wait for next saturday. I recently found out that Liesl, who dances up in WI Rapids, just got a part in a show put on by the Minnesota Ballet. We are so proud of her! I think Maddy is taking after her aunt Mimi and Liesl.


So, the kids can share!

We are always harping on Maddy and Winn to practice their sharing. Now, for a 1 yr old, this simply does not work. Maddy is generally really good with Winn, a bit possessive about her things at times. But, she she does do a pretty good job. Today I was cooking chicken soup and grilled cheese (we are all sick, yes the entire family), and I asked Maddy to play with Winston for a little while I got things going. this usually results in chaos, but today I was in the kitchen and heard the Geo-Trax going in the living room. I walked in expecting to find Maddy playing with it and Winn continually removing the train from the tracks. To my pleasant surprise, I saw Maddy helping Winston with the controller. It was very cute. Being the big sister often means being the boss, but in this case, they were playing so good together!