Brew Crew

I will continue on about our squirrel adventures in the month of may. This may continue on until I catch you all up, and let myself catch up as well. I don't have any excuse about why I haven't posted in a long while, well, I guess I can give a lot of excuses. First off, our dear little Maddy has now declared that she does not take naps anymore. Let me tell you, this was a HUGE adjustment, probably more on my part, but on hers as well. I feel that she still needs them, till at least 6yrs old. We now have figured out a system and it seems to be working out alright. I do realize that this was when I usually did my blogging, so that COULD be why I am so far behind. Maybe, maybe not!
Mid May the Ehrhardt's made a quick decision to take the family to Winn's first Brewer game. Now, of course he went when I was pregnant,but that does not count. It was a great day, shorts weather (in May that was a miracle)!!! We decided to do the whole tailgating thing, which was a lot of fun! Jeff and Winn went to buy some tickets (standing room only) and Maddy and I held down the fort. Maddy wanted to play the bean bag game with the college kids next to us, but I talked her out of it. Yikes, she sure does like to mingle with the older crowd. Uh oh! We weren't planning on sitting (obviously since we didn't have seats), but I figured that with Winn, there usually is not sitting involved. Maddy had a great time playing in all the sports themed things, racing sausages, running to first base, slides. Winn of course wanted to keep up, but still a bit too small. He doesn't think so! We made it to 8:00p, 2 hours I think is respectable with a 19 month old!!! It was a lot of fun.


where did May and June go???

Seriously, where did they go? We have been so busy these past few months, I feel as though I am in a whirlwind. I noted my last post, and it was about the weather, today it is like 95 degrees out, and I am complaining!!!! Yikes, can we ever be happy with the weather. So, May was all about dance recitals, Mother's day, cousin Joe's birthday, Danny Gokey day, Brewers games, weddings...Could I fit anything else in??? Probably, if I had to!
Maddy had her first EVER dance recital early May. It was quite the experience for her. Such a big girl, sitting so well with her class through the dress rehearsal and the big night. It was so cute to see! Maddy did so well. She would like to sign up for ballet and tap again in the fall...following in cousin Liesl and Aunt Mimi's footsteps!

Next up...a bit old, but our own hometown American Idol Danny Gokey visited Milwaukee during the finale week on American Idol. I just had to go! It happened to be a great day, and my friend Yasmin, Holly & Lauren, and i took the kids down to the Summerfest grounds to cheer on Danny Gokey. Maddy was chanting Danny Gokey with the crowd, too funny. We could barely see him, but Lauren got a few extra zoom pictures for proof! We had a fun time, nonetheless.