Spring???? Maybe????

I realize that it is only 51 degrees out, but it honestly felt like the perfect summer day. I was hosting playgroup today, and only one of the ladies and her daughter were able to make it. We sat outside and had some coffee, the kids ran around and played. Walked down to Heidi's house, and the kids played there so well together. Winn and Maddy both had ear infections last week, so it has been a bit hairy around the E house. Oh yeah, Jeff was sick too:) Winn was so good today...I feel bad saying he hasn't been 'good', but I should say he hasn't been himself!!! I guess all we needed was a day outside. I think the Wisconsin March weather was very trying, and we are all looking forward to some nice, enjoyable weather. Don't you all agree? I will take any sunny and somewhat, warm day I can get around here. Once again, this is why I will be sad to leave this neighborhood. I had such a great morning, kids playing great, sunny day, and nice conversation with my wonderful neighbor. Again, can I just make my yard bigger, and expand the house a bit, is that too much to ask??


a bit behind....

So I have been a little behind in my blogging lately. Probably because I feel like I have been in a vacation fog. I have sooooo many pictures of the kids from various outings, so I will write a small bit about a few and post some cute pictures.
I bought a membership to the Discovery World downtown. They have an aquarium there, a huge replica of a boat, amongst other 'discovering' things. The kids absolutely love it. We go way too often, but Maddy really enjoys it. She is learning so much there (mind you, its about fish and boats and the water treatment process????) It's fun to go down there with Jeff, then we can play man to man defense and it works much better.

Mid March we had a awesome little warm spell. We headed over to Wirth Park (the little wirth) to play specifically on the teeTTer ToTTer (I love to say that combination of words....imagine that). They are the only park that is near us that has one. Winn was like a mad max thunderdom there. He ran to the ladder, climbed up, ran across the movable bridge, and took off down the slide. He is much more of a dare-devil than Maddy was. I see the glimmer in his eyes...yikes!!