Get your peanuts here

We went to the circus last week friday for the first time in many, many years. My parents wanted to take us, well, mostly Maddy. She could not contain herself! We told her about it 3 weeks prior, and she would ask every day. So the day finally arrived. We went out for fish fry (yes, Lent time) and hamburger for Maddy at Mjr Goolsby's, great place for a family dinner...ha ha. But seriously, there were lots of kids there, either for the circus or the Admirals game. But the fish was great! Then off to the circus. Little did we know that the circus is 3 HOURS LONG......
We had a great time, Maddy loved it. Whenever I looked at her, she was clapping or giggling at the clowns. It really was a fun time. They even shot someone out of the cannon, I was sure that the Shriner's circus would not have a cannon, but sure enough. I was seriously impressed by the elephants, I can't believe they can do some of those tricks???? There was this totally 80's guy in the cage with the tigers, running around to some hideous 80's rock/metal music...I didn't get a picture of that, but you can picture in your mind, black spandex, gold shoes, no shirt, hairy, typical 80's hair band guy...maybe you don't want to picture it!