Flashback to 1980, What a feeling

Jeff and I have been getting ready this past week for our 80's themed poker party this Saturday night. Last year's theme, come dressed as your favorite poker player. This year we take a trip back to the 80's! I initially started my search on e-bay and found a sweet 80's mini. I bid and won, paid, and waited patiently for my item to arrive. When it seemed like it was taking a bit longer than expected, I started to look into why it might be taking so long. To my surprise, I found that the skirt I bought was being shipped from Hong Kong, standard shipping none-the-less. So I made my trek to the Goodwill in search of the perfect outfit. I found a skirt for 3.99 and some lovely accessories to go along with the outfit. I went into Claire's for some cheap jewelry, and apparently the 80's are back in full swing (I am not a fashion plate, nor up with any trendy style), so it was pretty easy to find some jewelry there. I tell you, I will not be following this new 80's trend, as I find this style kind of ridiculous! Oh well, I'll stick with my Eddie Bauer clothing line. Anyways it should be a fun time. Hope I can top it off with a win, Jeff too of course!
Marquette (21) game tomorrow against G'Town (11), should be a great game. A friend of mine from work and her daughter are watching the kids for the MU game tomorrow. Then off to Grammie and Grandpe for an overnight for the kids. Sunday we are celebrating our niece and papa's leap year birthday. A whirlwind weekend for the Ehrhardt's, nothing new. It's strange when we actually have nothing going on...


The Domes!

Today was a visit to the Domes! They have a train exhibit there now so Maddy was very excited about that. We went with Tracy, Cooper and Emmitt, the usual suspects on Wednesday's and Friday's! The kids had a good time, burning off some much needed energy. Tracy and I had Emmitt and Winn in our baby bjorn's so we were hands free to chase after Maddy and Cooper. I immensely look forward to our weekly outings with Tracy and the kids!! Maddy does too! She continues to ask Auntie Tracy for Diego snacks...curses...
Kids are finally napping, so I have a few minutes to get some things done.


Zoo class

I just got the pictures developed from Maddy's first zoo class. We took a class with Maddy's friend Cooper and learned about BUGS! She had so much fun, making butterfly pictures with paint, stamping bugs, and even touching a cockroach! I took a pass on that, but Maddy didn't seem to mind. We also made butterfly costumes, which I think was her favorite part. She has been running around the house in the costume all week. She can't wait until the next class, which will be about bunnies!

Pictures today

Today Grammie and I took the kids for their pictures! Winston's first pictures, what a cutie-pie! Maddy was a ham, as usual, and enjoys getting her picture taken. Winn was a little camera shy, but he did great for his first time! I enjoy getting the end results, however, getting there is always a bit hectic. Hooray for Grammie helping out!