4th of July!!!

Our annual 4th of July Holiday consists of this: parade 9:00am sharp Wilson park (watch out everyone, this parade gets crazy...the elephants, bands, floats...), back to the Ehrhardt's for party set up and lunch, then huge annual 4th of July party with fireworks to top it off! It is a great day, and this one was no different, with the exception of being sick :(
The kids had a fun time in the parade, to their excitement there is always ice cream at the end. Maddy asked for chocolate, which they don't have EVER, but she settled on vanilla. Winn for some odd reason this year, did not want any, so yours truly had 2.....yippee! The party was fun, its cool to see all the kids that are getting bigger each year and how many more are on the way! Little Jack K. asked Jeff if he could blow up the jumping castle. Poor little guy, maybe we'll bring it back next year, it's about due time that someone loses another tooth!
The party was great, left around 10ish, home to bed, then off to Urgent Care for me, in just enough time to be diagnosed with mono....lovely.
I am slowly recovering, realizing that it is important to get lots of rest...what is that?
Here are some pics from the 4th...

This picture below is getting easier every year. It is all of Terri's, Nicki's and our kids. They are part of the Wilson Park excitement too! It's so neat to see them all together.


Feeling hot hot hot

We'll, we've had a few nice days in WI, and we have to take advantage of every single one of them. That means lots of pool time!! Pool time at home, pool time at the park, where ever we can! Summer here means no shoes, delicious Popsicles, and water, water water! This was our heat wave in Milwaukee, 95 degrees, which I normally do not like, but I was enjoying every second...kids too!


A day out with THOMAS

On friday, June 12th Jeff took a day off of work and we took the kids to the Island of Sodor to visit thomas. Oh wait, we didn't really go to the island of sodor, Thomas the Train just happended to be passing through good ole Green Bay WI! We didn't tell Maddy where we were going, just that we were taking a special vacation. We made a stop to Bay Beach (thanks Terri for the trip last year) before Thomas. We only had 2 hours to kill, so we stopped there first. The kids had a great time on the rides, Winn and Maddy both! This was a good trip to prepare them for St Romans, which to Maddy is all about the rides.

Then off to thomas, boarding at 1:15pm. We got there in the nick of time, because they pretty much started to board right after we checked in. We got to ride in a double decker bus, which took 2 laps around the national train museum, where Thomas made his magical stop in Green Bay.

The rest of the day was spent touring old locomotives, very cool. It sometimes was a little creepy walking through there OLD engine/train cars. There was a mail car, a dining room, kitchen, sleeping quarters, etc. The trains look so much bigger when you are standing next to them!

We also had a surprise visit from MR Bottom Pants, I mean Mr. Topham Hat, who again, those who aren't grandparemnts, kids, parents or aunts or uncles, is the so-called leader of the railways on the island of sodor. Jeff thinks he is a little over bearing and often mean..... He seemed pretty harmless there:)

There was so much for the kids to do: music, of course trains (your choice wooden, electric, yadda yadda yadda), arts and crafts, story time, and of course the kids favorite tattoes!!! They had those things on there for an entire week. Yikes!! It really was a fun day spent together. Then it was off to home, next day was a busy day travelling to IL for my triathalon. That post will be in Que Sera Sera.