Green Bay HOF

Just in time for the start of training camp 2011! Hooray for football season, soon anyways! We had a great start to summer, took some family trips across the good ole state of Wisconsin. First one was Cave of the Mounds and Madison Zoo over Memorial weekend. Pictures to come on that trip. Next trip was up to Green Bay to visit the Hall of Fame, Bay Beach. The kids enjoyed the HOF, had a lot of fun with the statues and hands on part. I still want to go back without the kids and actually read and listen to all the cool things there.
As close as we could get to the Lombardi trophy (not as good as the Ig's)

Winn and Maddy on the line...

Some day, we'll do this in real life!!!


Brewer game

First family brewer game of the season. It was a lot of fun, and the crappy WI weather was nice to us. We somehow avioded the rain pre and post game. Thanks to the roof! The tailgaiting and game are getting more fun as the kids are growing up. We only had to walk around one time (for about 20 minutes) and then the kids sat the entire game. Thanks for licorice, peanuts and ice cream, but that is what brewers games are about as a kid.
They lost, but we had a great time. Friday night game was with Tracy, just like old times when we were kids. We went to tons of games and it was always a great time.

In the pictures below, note Winstons fish hat. He is OBSESSED with underwater creatures, this includes fish of any kind (especailly blue ones), octopus and squid. He and nana found a fishy hat at Michaels and he wears it AT ALL TIMES! It is pretty darn cute though.



Who doesn't love a good snow day, especially the blizzard of 2011? We had such a great time that day. The kids had a blast outside in the snow, got stuck a million times, but it was lots of fun. We headed out for some sledding later on in the day, and the kids were GREAT! It was quite enjoyable, the kids actually walked up the hill and pulled their sleds every time. WOW !!!!!!!
Jeff was excited because virtually every business was closed that day, but somehow bowling still happened :)
Grammie and Grandpy watched the kids overnight (they slept great, imagine why...4 hours outside), and I headed over the Village Bowl for some great cribbage action.



Hell of a Packer season, to finish with the icing on the cake. We had a GREAT Superbowl party at the Ig's home. I can't even describe the excitement I am feeling as I look at the pictures, and remember all the crazy things that went on that day. It truly was the BEST day in a Packer fans lifetime. It may take presidence over 1996. Not the fun all us girls had that day back in 1996 :), but since the downfall of our beloved Favre. It was a special and such well deserved victory last sunday and I will savor every moment. Enough said. Pictures to follow, have to "fix up" a few.


Running all the way to chicago

That's what was on the back of my jersey for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon at the Pettit Ice Center this past saturday! Once again, PocketSquirrels and the Gang II, came out to chilly 40 degree ice rink/running track for the 3rd annual marathon/marathon relay. The correct answer is, the marathon relay. I did not do the marathon, nor would I choose to run 96 laps in a circle. I choose to run 24 laps in a circle instead. Holly, Tracy, Anne and myself ran our standard 10 min/mile pace, to finish in 4 hours 20 some minutes. I guess that is ok, it always seems as though we should finish faster, but this is a hard race. It is first of all very cold, especially when you run and rest, and multiply this by 20 or 30 times. It is super fun, and I will go on record that this will be an annual event.
After the race, Jeff and I headed south to Chicago for THE PACKER GAME!!!!! We got to experience the best packer game I have ever been to (outside of Lambeau Field of course). My first packer game at Lambeau was the Freeman catch against Minnesota...great game. But this, hands down, was one for the books. We had a great opportunity (thanks to Captain Bear) to attend the game at Soldier Field. Himmed and hawed for about 5 minutes, and then booked the hotel, parents could watch the kids, and we were off. The experience was great, a little nerve wrecking towards the end, but the final outcome was what we had hoped. So....anyone have any Superbowl tickets laying around that they are not using??????


happy b day Maddy

My little peanut is 5! How can this be I wonder. I do realize the statement "it goes by so fast", but seriously? that fast? I will be one of those moms who says they wish for more time when the kids were young.
Happy Birthday D!


sick blues

so tell me, is there a reasonable answer as to why my household gets sick every January? Is there a curse on my family, my kids? Or could it be that horrible disgusting fish that Winn carries around the house, putting oh so close to his mouth, or mine?? Last year at this time, I was planning on running the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon relay, and I got sick. Still ran, with sinus infection and all. Well, well, it is that time again. And here I sit, with an incredibly sore throat, 2 weeks and counting until the race. Please, I ask, let me get better. Holly and I sat at work today popping echinachea and zinc tablets hoping that will do the trick. Poor Maddy to the ENT tomorrow, hopefully find an answer the the 4 month congestion period......
Next note, I have to wish Miss Maddy her Happy 5th B-Day. 5 on Dec 28th, party to follow the standard 2 weeks later. Full itinerary this weekend. Party at 3pm, bowling at 9pm. Mama Mia at 1pm and Packer game to follow. Jeff and I are truly dorks. We have secluded ourselves the past 2 sundays and watched the packer game at 730, when the kids went to bed. This was seriously hard to do, with fantasy football still rolling, and technology as it is. We had to turn off cell phones (no iphone's for us), turn off tv, and avoid answering the phone in case anyone was excited to spread the news. It was weird that the entire world knew the outcome of the Packers game and playoff hopes, but we were truly excited when we watched it. Can we do it 3 times in a row???? No offense to the kids, but they have no interest in intently watching the packer game, what 5 or 3 yr old does?