Vegas baby!

The day was spent packing the kids bags for their vacation, as well as our own. Jeff and I leave for Vegas friday morning at 7:00am. The kids will be spending some days with their cousins and Maddy cannot wait. She packed her suitcase (thomas the train, a basketball and 3 pairs of shoes). Apparantly that is all she will need? The shoes I understand...
So the kids are all packed, for the most part. We'll drop them off at Papa and Nana's sometime tomorrow late morning barring the weather (please let it be nice)!!! Then Jeff and I will run some last minute errands; oil change, packing, pre-bowling...hopefully catch some basketball. Do I think I really have time for all that? We'll see I guess. I will miss the kiddos, the first time we've left them for longer than the usual overnight. They will be in good care with the Sigourney's, and I am sure will have lots of fun.
So many things to do, so little time...as a write another blog entry...
I will sign off for a few days. Jeff and I will be back in WI on Monday afternoon. We are both looking forward to a little vacation, a little (???) gambling, poker and maybe a few cocktails...See you all in a few days!


Easter Egg Hunt

This past Saturday we had our 2nd annual Easter Egg hunt. Last year was cold, but this year took the cake. The 14 inches of snow we got the night before wasn't enough to stop the kiddos from their quest for the eggs! Adam and Tracy hosted this year, and we were excited because they have such a big yard to hide eggs. We were all talking a few days before that we'll bundle up the kids and go outside and brave the weather. This was, however, before we realized that we were going to have the most snow of all times. Adam snow plowed various paths in the front and backyard so the kids could get through. It was so funny, they never would have been able to make it even a few feet without falling through the snow. Kudos to Tracy and Adam for the ingenious idea! We had lots of fun, the kids loved it. Off to Joanne and Kurt's next year... Maybe it will be 70 degrees out and the kids will be in shorts, who knows?

Snow, snow, more snow

So I think that I jinxed the weather when I wrote about Jeff and the snow chief. I cannot believe that it really just snowed 14 inches the other day. Jeff must have been out there for 3 hrs or so, of course it had to be the really heavy and wet snow! Here are some pics I took of Jeff snow blowing the driveway. We are now on record for the 2nd snowiest winter here. I was thinking to myself that it cannot possibly snow more, and much to my disbelief, I see a weather forecast for Winter Snow Advisory all day thursday. Let me remind all that we leave for Las Vegas on Friday. I hope either the storm fizzles out, or that it misses us by a few days. I am so looking forward to warm weather...it cannot come soon enough!
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Today we started the day getting dressed in our MU attire. Maddy is always excited to wear her Marquette clothes... If it's a dress, she's excited! And Winston in his little MU clothes, we were ready for the big game. I planned my day accordingly, tried to wear Maddy out as best I could so there might be a chance she would take a nice nap during the game. She did, and it was great. Not like I don't like having my daughter around when there are games on (she loves watching them....Brewers, Marquette, Packers are her teams of choice), but it is nice to watch them uninterrupted, that is the catch. Well, the plan worked for the day. In fact, both Maddy and Winn napped for 3 hrs each. Imagine the luck!
Jeff was able to take the afternoon off to watch the game, so we were ready. Hoping for the first MU first round NCAA win since 2003, the glory Wade years. They were playing Univ Kentucky, who ironically, they beat in 2003 for the trip to the Final Four. Jeff and I, and Woody, were at that game. The win today was very exciting, I hope we are able to get that far this year! MU won 74-66 in a great game.
They will now advance to the 2nd round, playing Stanford, who handily beat Cornell. It should be a good game. If the cards fall right (I have poker/gambling on my mind), and MU wins, we will be in Las Vegas next Friday for the game. I am not jumping to any conclusions, but if we win, it would be a great time in Vegas.
So...I leave you all with the Marquette Fight Song. Everyone practice up so you're ready for Saturday night!!! We are!!!Ring Out Ahoya is Marquette's fight song. The lyrics, which are bit campy, are very easy to learn:

Ring out Ahoya with an M.U.Rah Rah,
M.U.Rah Rah, M.U.Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah
Ring out Ahoya with an M.U. Rah, Rah,
M.U. Rah Rah for Old Marquette. Rah! Rah! Rah!
Go! Go! Go! Marquette!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Goooooo! Goooooo! Go! Marquette!

oh yes, Wisconsin won too!


Chula Vista

This weekend (sunday-monday) we went to Chula Vista in the Dells with Jeff's parents and family. Maddy had lots of fun with her cousins, she tries so hard to keep up with them. The past few days she has taken 3 hr naps! Liesl and Joe-you must have really tired Maddy out. We had so much fun over the course of one day. We got up there around 1 o'clock, had some lunch and went straight to the pool. Maddy seemed a little apprehensive at first, but Liesl coaxed her into going down one of the slides. She seemed to like it???? She really had fun in the big pool, except that "I want to do it all by myself." I guess it's time for more swimming lessons! I think she would jump right in by herself if we let her. Winn slept by the pool, no swim time for him this weekend.
The kids both went to bed great, which was a pleasant surprise. Maddy always goes to bed so good, and Winston wouldn't care if we let him sleep on the floor. It was good to know that all four of us could sleep in the one room and last the whole night! It was great. Maddy, of course, had her new Princess sleeping bag which she made sure we didn't forget, and nuks, and water cup, and picture. Oh the bedtime rituals....
After the little kiddos went to sleep, the adults (and Liesel and Joe) played Jeff's favorite game of Apples to Apples (also a house favorite of Iggy's). It was a good time, and very funny. Oh those silly actors...drinking, smoking the pot...the fury...inside joke.
The next day we stopped at a place called "Knuckleheads" on the way home. It is a huge, entertainment/game facility that has indoor kids rides, bowling, arcade games, etc. Maddy was just a few inches short of being able to ride with the big kids, but next time I think she'll make it. Maybe we can start the high heels early...
Kids slept the entire way there and back, which doesn't always happen, but who's complaining. We'll be back in the Dells at the Wilderness in a few weeks with the Lee's so Maddy, Cooper, Winn and Emmitt will get the chance to splash around some more. We are really looking forward to that. Maddy wants more vacation, she was quite sad that it is over.


Spring is in the air...

The past few days have been gorgeous outside. It's hard to argue with 57 degrees when we have seen this much snow this winter. We are all sick and tired of this gloomy weather, and I think if it snows one more time, Jeff may give the Snow Chief a swift kick... The kids and I were able to take a nice, long walk yesterday and enjoy the beautiful and sunny day. We started with one lap around the block (which would usually take about 15 min Maddy pace) and it proceeded to be walking about 5 blocks for a good hour or so. Maddy had on her purple non-waterproof boots and attempted and succeeded to splash in every puddle imaginable. Needless to say, her feet were sopping wet when we returned home. She did not seem to mind one bit, and she was happy so that was fine with me! Winn was bundled up in his car seat and stroller and enjoyed the outside scenery. Maybe he didn't...how would I know? This was the first time we have been walking outside with Winston, after he was born the snowiest winter began. It is quite exciting to actually see grass outside, and have our 8 inch inch ice covering on the driveway begin to melt. Jeff is outside taking the Christmas decorations down. Often when we pull into the driveway, Maddy proclaims that "daddy take the Christmas decorations down today." So...she should be happy about that:)
Couples bowling tonight, and Gramdpie and Grammie babysitting for the kids, Maddy is very excited about that. She is also excited about eating pizza tonight!!! The little things that excite her.......



Last night was our monthly girls night out. It was a quaint night with the core, Tracy, Terri and myself. Often we like to plan something besides dinner, be it manicures, mini golfing, and what not. Last night just went for dinner at Mo's Irish Pub on Bluemound. Since it was so close to St Patty's day, it seemed to fit. Long gone are the days where we would go out for St Patricks Day and drink green beer and Guinness for the day. I look forward to dinner and drinks with the girls each month. It's nice to get away from the hectic days of working and kids and making dinner, shall I go on?? Just kidding, as Maddy would say.
Jeff and I and the kids are going to the Dells this Sunday/Monday for a small little getaway at Chula Vista. We are meeting Papa and Nana and Aunt Mimi, Scott and of course the cousins, Liesl and Joe. Maddy got a suitcase from Nana yesterday for overnight trips and vacation. She started to throw her clothes in it for this weekend, she is so excited. I have to follow behind her and make sure there are at least a few matching outfits in there! We can't wait to get away, even if its just for a short time. Maddy is really excited to play with her cousins and go swimming. It will be fun to get Winn in the water and let him splash around. I am looking forward to going down some waterslides this time, last time we were in the Dells I was pregnant with Winston and couldn't do the slides. I can't wait until Maddy is big enough to go down them! I think she'd love it.
We will be cheering on Marquette tonight, they advanced to the semi-finals last night, beating 14the ranked Notre Dame. It was a great game, MU looked good as they head into the game tonight against Pitt. GO MU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As an addendum to the previous post, Winn is now rolling over constantly. About an hour after the last post, he started rolling like a tumbleweed. Looks like we have a mobile peanut on our hands...look out big sister....


Tumbleweed II

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Winston rolled over for the first time on thursday night, but is proving me to be a liar and has not done it since! So close, he will be crawling before we know it! Still hates his cereal, and we will still continue to give it to him. Hopefully he'll start to enjoy his food, like his sister!

Bunny Class

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Today we had our 2nd zoo class and Maddy learned about Bunnies. She has literally been asking when she is going to learn about bunnies EVERY DAY since the last zoo class. That, and when she is going to her cousins house! Maddy and Winn are going to be staying with Aunt Mary, Uncle Scott and her cousins when Jeff and I head out to Vegas. That is in a few weeks. But to a 2yr old, there is no concept of time, so she asks every morning when I get her out of bed if today is the day for bunny class or to go to her cousins. Too funny!
The bunny class was lots of fun. Maddy's favorite part was hopping in the bunny nest ( which was pretty much a big box (nest) filled with cut up green paper.) That was the highlight of the class! We also made bunny costumes, and had a bunny nose and whiskers painted on. We have been learning about bunnies for the past week so she was ready when the teacher asked her a question, what do bunnies eat? Salad... of course they do! The next class is about birds, mid April with Coop and Tracy.




Winn went for his 4 month check up this past Monday. He is doing really well, he has jumped from the 20th percentile for height to 80th and to 50th for weight. He now weighs 14 lbs 13 oz. He is so much bigger than Maddy was at 4 months, its hard to believe. I am so used to Maddy being a little peanut, I wonder what we're in for with Winston. Our doctor said he'd like us to start cereal with Winn because he thinks he is eating too much!! So today I gave him his 1 tbsp of rice cereal, and as you can see, more ended up on his face than in his little (or big) tummy. We'll see how he does in the next weeks to come.
We spent the morning at home, had a lot of tea parties with our friends (Maddy's many stuffed animals, she calls her friends). After nap, a trip out to Target. Maddy loves going to Target, I think because she likes to spell out the word on the way in to the store. T A R G E T...bulls eye, she says over and over again! 101 Dalmatians came out today, and we bought it as a special treat. She had to tell everyone in the store that she was going to watch a doggie show with a Dalmatian. She's too funny.
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Candlelight Yoga

Last week some friends and I signed up for a Yoga session entitled "Candlelight Yoga." This one-time session took place at the Wisconsin Athletic Club in Tosa. The class started at 7 and it was to last for an hour, followed by wine and cheese and crackers. How could I pass that up? We got there a few minutes early to get a good spot. The class was taking place poolside and by candlelight. I have never done a yoga class that was not in a gym setting, so I was pretty excited. We walked in, and it was the most calming and serene setting I could imagine (with the exception of being on the sand on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean). There were candles surrounding the entire pool as well as floating candles in the pool. The instructor was excellent, and the class was so awesome. It was such a great yoga session, challenging yet also very stress relieving. I wish I could do this every week! The wine and appetizers were a great top off to the yoga. We had a great time and hope to do it again soon.


Busy as Bees

The Ehrhardt's were busy as bees this past weekend! As Maddy would say, we're buzzing bees...
Saturday, Maddy and Winn had a baby-sitter when Jeff and I went to the Marquette game. Maddy was so excited to play with Lauren and get all the extra attention (as if we don't give her enough...) Both kids were so good! Or so they said! Usually the grandparents will watch the kids, but Jeff's parents were at the game too, and my parents were having the kids overnight.
Maddy said she had lots of fun, and wants to play with Lauren again.
The game proved to be exciting, MU ranking #21 vs Georgetown #11. However, then end result was a disappointing loss, 70-68 OT, despite MU looking pretty darn good. 2 games left before the Big East Conference Tournament, then it's tourney time (hopefully). Jeff and I are heading to Vegas the last week of March, also coinciding with the 2nd week of NCAA BB action. We are psyched to be there, first off because it will be a fun vacation and break, also we love dancing in March :)
Our monthly poker game did not turn out as we has hoped. I myself was knocked out VERY early, and played miserably. Jeff held on a bit longer to place 5th, only be the the bubble boy and not make any $ that night. An attachment to the previous post, my 80's costume turned out great, enough to get best dressed. The prize was a riveting one...a bag of 80's games, a Juan Nieves (? spelling) picture, and some other random items from the Ignatowski basement. It is a bag of treasures! I will get some pic's downloaded of some of the great outfits.