Snow...where are you??

I am getting the urge to go cross country skiing. Now first off, I don't have ski's. I may have some vintage one's, but have no idea where they are. I drive past parks daily and am getting an itch. I am texting good ole' Ben, the cross country skiing god that I know of. I am thinking this is going to be an expensive investment?????? The last time I skied was probably 5 yrs ago, and I think I got lost on the trails for at least 2 hrs. I thought for sure I was a goner :)
We'll see what the snow brings...looks like 47 on friday, no skiing just yet!!


Hello, is anyone actually still reading this?? I have been MIA since April, not quite a year, but close enough. So much has changed since April. We have moved, to the burbs. Gone is Tosa (which I miss the neighborhood and people, but I LOVE my new house), and hello Menomonee Falls. Out first Christmas in our new home and I am excited! We were up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Just got the 13+ foot tree up in the house. It is absoulutely beautiful, thanks to Uncle Scott and the magic tree farm. This is the BEST tree by far. I will post some pics soon. I hope to get back to blogging, I really enjoy it. Time has gotten away from me this summer, with the move and all. I hope everyone will continue to read this and enjoy!! Thanks again Jenny for inspiring me to restart!
Maddy is ready for Christmas, and for Packer playoffs??? Do we HAVE to cheer for a viking win over the bears. Reminiscent of when we wore Mroz' Bears clothes when we were trying to sneak into playoffs...

Maddy and Winn...a rare loving shot :)


Maddy our next soccer phenom....

sure, does this mean I actually have to learn the rules and how to play soccer. Eeeekkkk.... it is not my forte, but I can learn!! During our little spring/summer teaser the past few weeks, we had tons of time to play outside. Soccer, basketball, baseball, choose your sport in this house. Maddy will hopefully be signed up for the Milwaukee kickers 3-6 yr old soccer camp. I am awaiting the confirmation and Maddy asks EVERY DAY. She was outside practicing some "moves" and I asked her what she was doing. She quickly replied "Mom, why do you think I am doing all of these soccer moves, I want you to sign me up for soccer camp." Well then, maybe you should just ask! I did not say that, but I did laugh a bit. I am not sure where she learned this stuff, but she was doing some crazy back and side kicks? Yikes!

Winn was content attempting to dunk the basketball in the mini hoop in the back. All Jeff wants is a real basketball hoop, this will then be his exercise...so he claims...we'll see. Any ball related sport is up Winn's alley. I can't wait to get the pics of Winn switch hitting, yes, righty and lefty. Throws lefty, makes Daddy proud...

Happy Easter

Happy Belated Easter to all! Easter this year was spent at the Ehrhardt's, Jeff's parents house. It was a big and very enjoyable crowd, with my parents, Tim and Emily, Uncle Greg, and Jeff's family. It was truly a great day, great weather and a wonderful day. Maddy was quite happy to wear her Easter dress, Winn could care less. He wanted to wear a Thomas the Train t-shirt and that was a battle...I have to learn to pick mine!! The kids had a great time with their cousins and uncles and anuts and grandparents.


Go away snow...and don't come back until November

I am feeling it, the spring fever...in regards to the weather, the Brewers, just being OUTSIDE!! I know that I am being fooled by dear mother nature, it will probably snow a few feet before winter is seriously over. But I guess I will have to take what I can get for now. We enjoyed a walk around the block today, fashioning our spring jackets! YIPPEE! I won't pack away the winter clothes yet, but I really want to.
On another note, MARCH MADNESS has begun. Marquette winning their game in the Big East Tourney today. 57-55, close game, I expect nothing more than a close game EVERY GAME. We'll see what happens tomorrow! GO MU!!!!!
I have again restarted my knitting! I am attempting to knit a scarf, and it is proving to be quite challenging. There are a lot of holes (oops) and I am ending up with 23 in my row that is supposed to have started with 20 (who knows), but I am enjoying it. Kelcey, my neighbor, has been my savior when I screw up, but she will be having baby #2 any day now, so I guess I will have to figure it out on my own. Not likely. I think the scarf may turn out to be a pot holder?!?!?!?!


Day Trip to CHICAGO

The E's decided at 8:30am last Sunday to take the family on a road trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. The kids LOVE museums...that I am glad for. We spend a lot of time between the Discovery World, Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Zoo, why not add another one in there? This place was great! Jeff and I have been there when we were dating, eons ago, but have not been back since then. I think they just remodeled 1 or 2 years ago, so everything was up to date. We ended up doing the Family Membership so we can head back this summer, and maybe make a little trip in the fall. We passed the new Chicago Bears stadium (we affectionately call them the Stinky Bears), and Maddy exclaimed, it looks like a spaceship?!?!?!!? YES, IT DOES dear child!! Those Bears...

There was an area where you could walk over the sting rays. Winn and Maddy thought it would be good to get a closer look so they lay on the glass floor so they were REALLY close to them. Winn wanted to climb over the wall and jump in, but we thought THAT would not be a great idea...

We found NEMO...and CRUSH!!!



My dad and I took the kids ice skating for the first time the other day. We went to Red Arrow Park, downtown Milwaukee. As a preface, I have been ice skating since I was about 1 1/5 (say my parents). Not sure if this is truth or not, BUT it has been forever. It started way back when, when there was such thing as an ice rink at Mayfair. Does anyone actually remember this...I can clearly remember EVERYTHING about this. I seem for forget a lot from when I was little, but I distinctly remember A LOT about the Mayfair Ice Rink. So back to the point of the post, we took the kids skating for the first time. Maddy had a pair of black double blades (she calls them boy skates, but is somehow ok with this...) and Winn has (per my dad) my first four blade skates that I used, funny! They were hesitant for about 2 minutes, then Maddy says that she doesn't need to me to hold her hand, that she can do it herself! OK then... She actually did pretty good, pretty much just "walking" around, not quite the gliding princess that she'd have liked, but pretty solid for the first time. Winn enjoyed my dad sliding him across the ice on his butt. He did better than I thought, as much of a pistol that he is, he sometimes is a bit afraid things. He was on his own in about a half hour or so.
Here are some pics of the kids, there are a lot, but its hard to cut them out, they are too darn cute :) By the end, Maddy was trying to do a triple toe axle, and Winn was a shoe in for the goalie. Lots of ice time and fun!!


Get Your Booty in Gear

I am now in training for a few events this summer. I have decided to sign up for another triathalon...guess where...VEGAS BABY!!! Holly, Michelle, and I (the same clan that did the Naperville tri last summer) will be heading out to Sin City for the Iron Girl Triathlon Series. It is a sprint distance, 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. Really not too bad, it seems much easier now that I have actually completed one. My goal is to beat my time from last year 1:44 (eeekk, not good, but my goal at that point was to just finish). I have to start my search for renting a bike, and getting a wet suit for the swim. I am very excited to have something penciled in for late spring. Next, will be the half marathon in Madison, 2 weeks later. I plan to just train for the half marathon, and fit in my triathalon training on my rest/cross train days. Also, did I mention it is in VEGAS...hello blackjack & poker, mama needs a new pair of shoes...double down...all in!!!


My son & the underwear models

Is this picture a good or bad thing??? Winn got into the mail and was perusing through the Victoria's Secret catalog. Seriously??? Seriously. This kid is too funny, the look on his face. GOTCHAS (unsure of the Polish spelling for underwear)he was saying over and over again...


New Years pics

Our usual New Year Eve...we've been getting together with the Ig's for a while, pre kids, which is a while. It consists of Rummy Royal, cocktails, and delicious steaks. I used to make lobster tails, but with the addition of 2 kids, that has temporarily been put on hold. Kids enjoy mac and cheese, hot dogs, and apple sauce, adults enjoy steak, baked potatoes, salad and VINO! This year was a lot of fun, the kids had a blast together, playing with the toyland that is the Ig's basement!!! Now, my kids usually go to bed at sometime between 7 and 8, so I wasn't sure what to expect since I knew they would be up LATE. They were great!! No nap from Winn in the afternoon, led to a nice 9 o'clock bedtime. We tricked Maddy into the 11:00 ball drop and she was in bed shortly after. They had fun with the New Years glasses and noise makers. We stayed overnight, which is always the plan, so we could partake in a few Iggy cocktails.


Once again, the Ehrhardt's are busy busy busy with no time to blog. Well, part of my new year me is to try my hardest to maintain this blog. I really do enjoy writing about all the nonsense we do on a daily basis, but often time escapes me. We are again in the January I-have-a-cold month. This is typical of jan through march around here. Seems like there is not much we can do about it, but go with the flow. I think we are nearing the tail end....I hope. I will have to post some pictures from Christmas and New Years, we had a lot of fun this year on both holidays! Maddy had her first preschool Christmas event, which was adorable. Her class, the Crickets, were lambs. Each classroom was a part of Christmas and the story of baby Jesus, as Maddy would tell us. She was so excited to tell us about Jesus and where he was born. The Christmas pagent was very cute!!!
We had an awesome Christmas tree cut fresh from Uncle Scott. It was gorgeous, nothing better to me than a fresh, cut Christmas tree. Winn named our tree Fred. Not sure how that even came about, but he wanted to call him Fred!

Maddy celebrated her 4th birthday this past weekend. Poor girl, with the holiday birthday (12/28) makes it quite a challenge to actually have any sort of party at this time. We now revert to celebrating sometime in January. It was a small party, with just the grandparents and cousins and uncle, but Maddy had fun!! I can't believe she is 4 already...going on 14.