New Years pics

Our usual New Year Eve...we've been getting together with the Ig's for a while, pre kids, which is a while. It consists of Rummy Royal, cocktails, and delicious steaks. I used to make lobster tails, but with the addition of 2 kids, that has temporarily been put on hold. Kids enjoy mac and cheese, hot dogs, and apple sauce, adults enjoy steak, baked potatoes, salad and VINO! This year was a lot of fun, the kids had a blast together, playing with the toyland that is the Ig's basement!!! Now, my kids usually go to bed at sometime between 7 and 8, so I wasn't sure what to expect since I knew they would be up LATE. They were great!! No nap from Winn in the afternoon, led to a nice 9 o'clock bedtime. We tricked Maddy into the 11:00 ball drop and she was in bed shortly after. They had fun with the New Years glasses and noise makers. We stayed overnight, which is always the plan, so we could partake in a few Iggy cocktails.


Once again, the Ehrhardt's are busy busy busy with no time to blog. Well, part of my new year me is to try my hardest to maintain this blog. I really do enjoy writing about all the nonsense we do on a daily basis, but often time escapes me. We are again in the January I-have-a-cold month. This is typical of jan through march around here. Seems like there is not much we can do about it, but go with the flow. I think we are nearing the tail end....I hope. I will have to post some pictures from Christmas and New Years, we had a lot of fun this year on both holidays! Maddy had her first preschool Christmas event, which was adorable. Her class, the Crickets, were lambs. Each classroom was a part of Christmas and the story of baby Jesus, as Maddy would tell us. She was so excited to tell us about Jesus and where he was born. The Christmas pagent was very cute!!!
We had an awesome Christmas tree cut fresh from Uncle Scott. It was gorgeous, nothing better to me than a fresh, cut Christmas tree. Winn named our tree Fred. Not sure how that even came about, but he wanted to call him Fred!

Maddy celebrated her 4th birthday this past weekend. Poor girl, with the holiday birthday (12/28) makes it quite a challenge to actually have any sort of party at this time. We now revert to celebrating sometime in January. It was a small party, with just the grandparents and cousins and uncle, but Maddy had fun!! I can't believe she is 4 already...going on 14.