Brewer game

First family brewer game of the season. It was a lot of fun, and the crappy WI weather was nice to us. We somehow avioded the rain pre and post game. Thanks to the roof! The tailgaiting and game are getting more fun as the kids are growing up. We only had to walk around one time (for about 20 minutes) and then the kids sat the entire game. Thanks for licorice, peanuts and ice cream, but that is what brewers games are about as a kid.
They lost, but we had a great time. Friday night game was with Tracy, just like old times when we were kids. We went to tons of games and it was always a great time.

In the pictures below, note Winstons fish hat. He is OBSESSED with underwater creatures, this includes fish of any kind (especailly blue ones), octopus and squid. He and nana found a fishy hat at Michaels and he wears it AT ALL TIMES! It is pretty darn cute though.