Snow...where are you??

I am getting the urge to go cross country skiing. Now first off, I don't have ski's. I may have some vintage one's, but have no idea where they are. I drive past parks daily and am getting an itch. I am texting good ole' Ben, the cross country skiing god that I know of. I am thinking this is going to be an expensive investment?????? The last time I skied was probably 5 yrs ago, and I think I got lost on the trails for at least 2 hrs. I thought for sure I was a goner :)
We'll see what the snow brings...looks like 47 on friday, no skiing just yet!!


Hello, is anyone actually still reading this?? I have been MIA since April, not quite a year, but close enough. So much has changed since April. We have moved, to the burbs. Gone is Tosa (which I miss the neighborhood and people, but I LOVE my new house), and hello Menomonee Falls. Out first Christmas in our new home and I am excited! We were up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Just got the 13+ foot tree up in the house. It is absoulutely beautiful, thanks to Uncle Scott and the magic tree farm. This is the BEST tree by far. I will post some pics soon. I hope to get back to blogging, I really enjoy it. Time has gotten away from me this summer, with the move and all. I hope everyone will continue to read this and enjoy!! Thanks again Jenny for inspiring me to restart!
Maddy is ready for Christmas, and for Packer playoffs??? Do we HAVE to cheer for a viking win over the bears. Reminiscent of when we wore Mroz' Bears clothes when we were trying to sneak into playoffs...

Maddy and Winn...a rare loving shot :)