The Ehrhardt's had a free weekend....WHAT????? Print it in the headlines!! So, what do we do? Plan a trip up to Wisconsin Rapids to visit cousins, and Auntie Mimi and Uncle Scott too of course. We have not seen the Sig's since DW. And, honestly, I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We had tons of fun with everyone! The kids played great together, and we had a really nice weekend of visiting, pumpkin farming, cold football gaming, beautiful balleting, and eating and drinking:) The kids were playing in the leaves, pardon me, pine needle "leaves" and I got some funny pics of Liesl and Joe.

We got to visit one of the pumpkin farms in Rapids, no not Uncle Scott's. But for the record, we were given some beautiful and huge pumpkins, and acorn squash for Jeff. The pumpkin farm had a corn maze, spoooooky trail, and some farm animals and treats. We did a hay ride. It was a long long ride in the cold. With Maddy dropping her chocolate pretzel which transformed into a Mad-E meltdown. Pretzel # 2 was purchased and all was well!!

Sorry for all the pictures, I just love taking them. The kids are finally getting better at letting me too! We had a nice weekend with the E family!!!!!


Princess Party!!!

Maddy went to her first "Princess Party" last week for her friend Ava. She received the invitation in the mail and was ecstatic about dressing up as her favorite princess, and drinking tea...of course. What princess doesn't like tea?? My friend Kari, Ava's mom, really outdid herself. We walked in, Princess Maddy got her picture taken, then off to play in the Princess Playland (aka, the living room). There was castles, tea parties, the whole shebang. Lunch was served, adorable cut out princess sandwiches, jello in the shapes of slippers, rings, cinderella...yikes. Oh, and of course this was all served on glass tea plates and glass tea cups. Boy Kari are you brave!!! Making princess purses, and princess picture frames was a hit. Then, how could you have a 4 year old party without a pinata???? Cake and ice cream to follow (my personal favorite part:)) It was so much fun, Maddy had a great time.