First day of school

My little Maddy, starting school. SERiously, where has the time gone, and how are they growing up so fast??? Our quest for looking into preschool for Maddy brought us into Brookfield to Elmbrook Church Child Enrishment Center. Fondly called ECCEC. We looked into some places in Tosa, but they didn't seem to fit our schedule. I am very happy with our choice and Mads too! She really couldn't have been more excited about starting. For the past month she has been asking on a daily basis when school is starting, and so finally it did. She goes wed and fri from 8am-1pm. Such a long time for a little 3 year old. But she LOVES it! Today was the 2nd day, and she wanted to walk in by herself, hang up her backpack and go into class. Those were maddy's words. I cannot let her do this, however, but she did get to lead the way. MAddy was sad on the first day because she didn't get a "job" for the day. We talked about all the kids getting their turn for jobs, and she seemed a little skeptical. So today at pick-up, she told me she got the job as the weather person. She was so pleased!!!! Here are some pics of her first day! Oh yes, Winn thinks he should be going to school now too....yikes.

This is a picture of Winn getting Maddy up...yes, we sometimes have to get Maddy up in the morning, far cry from 6am....like her brother...

Maddy and Winn on the porch, ready for school.

At school and ready to go...


Disneyworld, we came, we saw, it conquered us...

Our trip to DisneyWorld (dw, as we will now call it)...in a nut shell. Or else, I will be writing forever. The trip down was WWWAAAAAYYYYY better than I or Jeff ever expected. They were great in the car (great could be a stretch, but really they were that good). The last 2 hours both there and back were a little hairy, but all in all, it went fairly smooth. THIS IS IN CAPS BECAUSE ITS VERY IMPORTANT...THANK YOU NYSSE'S FOR THE DVD PLAYERS...LOVE MADDY AND WINN...AND JEFF AND JEN :)

day 1: We arrive in dw at 3pm, Disney time. Disney time means, there is no time. Time is pretty non-existent when you are there. With the exception of when to return for your fast pass. Otherwise, you just go go go. We just settled in, sent shopping for food, made dinner, and went to bed...ready for a long day ahead.

Day 2: Magic Kingdom here we come!!!! Maddy all ready to go in her Cinderella dress. There is a picture in this series, where Mads is on the carousel with her dress, first time to dw pin, and a huge sweaty smile on her face. This is classic. I just love this picture. It sums it up...we were hot as heck, seriously, but it was worth every penny!

day 3: Happy anniversary to me and Jeff! How romantic that we return to the place of our honeymoon. Nothing like we were 6 years ago...2 kids later and here we are. We went to a character breakfast at the contemporary this day. It was a lot of fun. Maddy was so excited to get all the characters autographs in her special autograph book, thanks to Auntie Mimi!!! She will cherish this forever, us too!

day 4: Off to animal kingdom and freak out at "Bug's Life". Like Scott said, they really must want you to think you are in Africa, they must blast in extra heat. Really, this place was like 120 degrees. Winn was a trooper, taking naps in the stroller EVERY day for 2+ hours. I couldn't believe it. Maddy did NOT like the bugs life 3D show. I, personally, do not like it either, but the blood curling screams were a bit much...

day 5: EPCOT (do YOU know what that stands for?????) and thank goodness for the water pad...The kids, once again, were hot hot hot. We found a water pad, and the kids splashed in there for a long time.

day 6: golf...swim...bbq. Jeff, dad and I golfed this morning. Did I mention it was HOT out???? are you kidding me?? Note to self, do not go to dw in August.
We swam at the pool in Fort Wilderness, where we stayed. THIS PLACE WAS AWESOME...GREAT PLACE TO STAY!!!! Then off to Mickey's Big BBQ. I really enjoyed this. I kind of felt like I was at a redneck hick country wedding (which by the way, I would really enjoy). There was a buffet with great food, and a country band playing great music, and free beer. Yes, I said free beer, at dw?? We had a lot of fun.

day 7: new hotel?? We wake up friday morning, ready to head to Hollywood, formerly known as MGM. And much to our surprise we find our hotel bill under the door. HHmmmmmmm, are we checking out today...no....
A little mishap with reservations, and we were packing up everything and moving to the Yacht Club for our last night! It actually worked out well, we got all packed up, which for the last day was kind of nice. We headed out to Hollywood for the afternoon and then fireworks and Tinkerbell for the night. Maddy fell asleep (10pm at night) and we had to wake her up for fireworks. She enjoyed them, amidst the chaos that is dw, in magic kindgom, at 10pm....CHAOS I TELL YOU!!! Winn like the "booms" and now everytime he sees the castle, he says...boom, loud!

All in all, it was a fun trip. The kids had a great time, they were little troopers. It wasn't a relaxing trip, but was it supposed to be?? Not in dw, right??
We will go back, not next year, but maybe the year after...not in august...please!!!