Madagascar 2 here we come!

Tracy and I and the big kids (that would be Maddy and Cooper if you were wondering:)) are going to the movies this weekend. Are we crazy...yes...will it be nuts...yes...will it be worth it...of course! Adam will be hunting this weekend so we're looking to do something with the kiddos. I have never taken Maddy to a movie before, who knows what will happen. Now if we were seeing Cinderella, or Little Mermaid, I KNOW she would sit there. But this is a new one for Maddy. All she can talk about is Madagascar, and the fact that she will have popcorn and m & m's (?????). Apparently I have to bribe her. I will proceed to do what my parents did when we went to see a movie when we were kids. Sneak in popcorn and snacks and juice boxes...hopefully the movie police will not read this. Jeff will be watching Winston, it will be nice for both of us to have some one on one time with each of them! That really doesn't happen very often.
Tomorrow we have a Marquette game so the kids will have fun with G & G. It's off the Rudy's for some Mexican and Margaritas cha cha cha.


Bye Fall!!

I found some pictures that I took of the kids a few weeks ago. Before we had to wear hats, mittens, and winter coats EVERY time we go outside. Fall went way too fast, and I guess winter is here. I consider it winter when I have to wear my hat, miTTens, and scarf. However, I am a sally, and I do get cold ofter. I wanted to have these cute pictures of the kids in a big leaf pile. This was all in my head of course, because there was no cooperation on the kids part. Maddy was telling me to stop taking pictures, and Winston wanted nothing to do with the leaves but eat them. Maybe in a few years we'll try again...


More chicken soup please...

Kids are asleep, hooray. It really is not fair that you can't call in sick as a mom. If I could I would. I am sick (really) and its no fun to take care of the kids when you are sick. The one thing worse is if they were sick too. Knock on wood for that one, quick...There can only be enough TV time for kids. No more Thomas the Train, or Little People, please... I am begging you! We HAD to get out of the house today, a quick visit to the mall to burn off some energy. It was a bit too windy to be playing outside for too long today. The sick bug must be going around!
If you are interested, there are pictures of Jeff and I out for Halloween. The link is on the right side of the page, Que Sera Sera.


Winn's 1st B-day!!

Our little Winston is now 1 years old. That sounds absolutely crazy to me. I was thinking that a year prior to this, labor was starting. Yikes! We had a small family birthday party on the 19th of October. Winn was cutting some teeth at this time (isn't it always something??), but he was so good and seemed to have lots of fun. I think he was most excited by the 6 dollars worth of balloons that I bought earlier in the day. He walked around all day with those things. It is now 2 weeks later and they are still in our house! G and G made the cutest cake for Winn, it was a baseball cake, appropriate for this family I suppose.

We also had a special Halloween/we forgot to sign happy birthday and open presents party for Winston...We had so much fun, here are some of the pictures from Halloween!!


Party time!

Hooray for Halloween! The party went well, lots of kids running around, no rain, and lots of leftovers. What more could you ask for? I was so worried about rain and cold weather, however, the forecast was dead wrong, and the weather was great. We did halloween in the usual 72nd street fashion. Fire pit and cooler of beer on the front lawn, and lots of good company. The kids looked great in their costumes. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have hoped, I think I was trying to do too many things in a short span of time (imagine that). I think all the kids had fun trick or treating, and of course the dumping of candy all over the floor afterwards. Somehow there was blue frosting on a few of the doorknobs in the house, no idea of how that happened. Everyone left by 9 ish and Jeff, my Dad and I sat out by the fire pit for a while. It felt good to relax! I still have to upload my pictures so I will post them soon. If anyone has any good pictures, e-mail them to me and I can put them on!
Thanks for all the adorable gifts for Winn. He and Maddy are still learning the concept of sharing, which is no easy task, for a 2 1/2 yr old, or a one year old boy. Maddy better watch out, Winn is getting bigger...no taking things away from him anymore!!!