Fall is in the air...

On saturday night, we headed out to Harvest Fest at State Fair Park. I always look forward to going, it usually signifies the start of fall, which is my favorite time of all. We got there and of course we had to pass all the rides. We happened to tell Maddy that there were not going to be rides there, maybe a hay ride. She was insistent that there were rides. So, we ended up doing a few rides. She had fun! We did get to go on a hay ride, Maddy thought she was pretty cool on that...
Jeff took her "fishing" and she was so excited to pick out a prize out of the bucket. She picked out 2 spider rings, which she wouldn't take off. My daughter, as you all know, loves food. She is my daughter, I wonder where she gets that from. She ate an entire corn on the cob...it was literally longer than her arms. I was planning on sharing it with her; I got 3 bites, not fair!!! All in all, it was a fun time. No love monkey's this year, harvest fest isn't the same without them!! Hey girls???

Maddy and her friends

Maddy was so excited to watch the Brewer game on Sunday when she woke up from her nap. She proceeded to bring all of her "friends" into the living room to watch the game too. She is too funny. She lined them all (and I do mean all) in front of the TV so they wouldn't miss the Brewers win. Thank goodness they did. The Ehrhard't are very excited over here for post season Brewers playoffs. I was only slightly convinced that they would make it because my name didn't get drawn this year for the chance to buy post season tickets. Of course, last year my name was drawn via e-mail and I was able to purchase 2 tickets to the game that never happened. So it is in fitting fashion that they will go this year. But I can live with that!


New Blog

I am now feeling compelled to start another blog. I think I am crazy, but that is not a surprise to most. I think I will try to devote the kiddos topics to this one and the rest to my new blog, Que Sera Sera. I think I have a blogging addiction, which I can thank Jenny for.



Let's see...Winn is walking, or should I say running, everywhere. I am starting to see the not-so-subtle differences in boys and girls. Winn is a little monster man. I never really had to "child-proof" the house too much with Maddy. She just didn't seem to get into too much trouble. Winston on the other hand, opens everything, sticks his hands into the toilet any chance he gets, and for some reason enjoys the wine rack. Maddy calls him the wine racker. She is too funny. I guess I will need to lock cabinets and move things a bit for Hurricane Winston. Has there been one of those yet? If not, I am sure it is coming! Watch out.
Maddy is doing great. She is really into playing house and store, and has an incredible imagination.

My return to blog...

Things have been extremely busy over the past month. I was out in Vegas for a conference for ACE which is the American Council on Exercise. It was a fitness symposium for health/fitness professional, and there was tons of great information presented. I am in the process of obtaining my personal training certification, in part for my new role at work, also for my personal life. I would love to start doing some personal training, one-on-one or small groups, away from work. This, of course, in my spare time (which can you guess, I have none at the moment). It was a good week away. My friend Jason came along with me, which was great! We had a fun time, learned to play craps, cashed in a poker tournament at Binion's, and lost my wallet...a within a few days! Yes, the squirrel loses her wallet once again. Imagine that, is this like the 3rd time this has happended??? Yes, actually it is. Enough said about that, I am not happy.
I am back to work, and that is good. Lots of things to catch up on, with the new job starting. I am not leaving my old job, just a role change. A good one! I will keep you updated, maybe guesting on Jenny;s new blog on weight loss/health/fitness.


I am still here!!

Hello all! I realize that I have not posted in like 2 weeks. There has been a very sad and unfortunate event in our lives over the past 2 weeks. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. I will get back to the blog soon enough!