sick blues

so tell me, is there a reasonable answer as to why my household gets sick every January? Is there a curse on my family, my kids? Or could it be that horrible disgusting fish that Winn carries around the house, putting oh so close to his mouth, or mine?? Last year at this time, I was planning on running the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon relay, and I got sick. Still ran, with sinus infection and all. Well, well, it is that time again. And here I sit, with an incredibly sore throat, 2 weeks and counting until the race. Please, I ask, let me get better. Holly and I sat at work today popping echinachea and zinc tablets hoping that will do the trick. Poor Maddy to the ENT tomorrow, hopefully find an answer the the 4 month congestion period......
Next note, I have to wish Miss Maddy her Happy 5th B-Day. 5 on Dec 28th, party to follow the standard 2 weeks later. Full itinerary this weekend. Party at 3pm, bowling at 9pm. Mama Mia at 1pm and Packer game to follow. Jeff and I are truly dorks. We have secluded ourselves the past 2 sundays and watched the packer game at 730, when the kids went to bed. This was seriously hard to do, with fantasy football still rolling, and technology as it is. We had to turn off cell phones (no iphone's for us), turn off tv, and avoid answering the phone in case anyone was excited to spread the news. It was weird that the entire world knew the outcome of the Packers game and playoff hopes, but we were truly excited when we watched it. Can we do it 3 times in a row???? No offense to the kids, but they have no interest in intently watching the packer game, what 5 or 3 yr old does?

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