Green Bay HOF

Just in time for the start of training camp 2011! Hooray for football season, soon anyways! We had a great start to summer, took some family trips across the good ole state of Wisconsin. First one was Cave of the Mounds and Madison Zoo over Memorial weekend. Pictures to come on that trip. Next trip was up to Green Bay to visit the Hall of Fame, Bay Beach. The kids enjoyed the HOF, had a lot of fun with the statues and hands on part. I still want to go back without the kids and actually read and listen to all the cool things there.
As close as we could get to the Lombardi trophy (not as good as the Ig's)

Winn and Maddy on the line...

Some day, we'll do this in real life!!!


Jenny said...

What? The dare devil doesn't ride a bike yet? Is it You or Him?

Jenny said...

No, he rides a bike. training wheels still. I meant that we'll do the training camp where the players ride the kids bikes back from the practice fields :)
He is my super clingy child though, makes me a but crazy